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Board Game Review: BEZZERWIZZER

BUY BEZZERWIZZER HERE: https://amzn.to/3NOtuit

I had never heard of BEZZERWIZZER before until I spotted it in my local Waterstones and was immediately intrigued. I have been on the hunt for a decent trivia based board game for quite some time now and let me tell you, I think this potentially knocks Trivial Pursuit off the top spot in that category. In fact, this game is far easier to get into than Trivial Pursuit if you can picture such a thing, Trivial Pursuit's simplicity was always the key to it's success, but this game does away with the things TP has that aren't needed.

The concept is simple. There are 20 possible categories, your usual Music, Arts, Literature, Sport are in there but throw in some more specific categories like Humans, Fashion and Technology and you get the idea of the range of questions on offer. Each player has 4 spaces in front of them marked with 1, 2, 3 and 4 points. Each player takes it turns to pick a category tile at random from the bag and place it in front of them. When each player has 4 tiles, they arrange them in the spaces in front of them with relation to how well they think they know that category... e.g for myself, I would put Film or Music on the 4 point space and Sport on the 1 point space.

Then each player takes it turns to answer their 1 point question, 2 point question and so on. If they get the question right they move that amount of spaces, if not, they stay where they are. The first to the finish, is the winner.

Simple right? There is a couple more things that give this game a strategic edge (and believe me you will want to be playing these tiles as carefully as possible). You have two BezzerWizzer tiles each. These can be used at ANY point when you think you know the answer to someone elses question and you think they won't get it, play this during their question and if they get it wrong but you get it right, you get the points. You also have one Zwap tile each, with this on your turn you can swap any of your tiles with an opponents tile. They must move from the same tile space as originally placed. Play this too early and you could risk someone swapping it right back, or if you know another player wants that tile as well as you, do you put it on the highest space knowing that they are most likely coming for it at some point? Or do you put it lower down, in case it's swapped for something you don't know much about? These two tiles really make the game what it is. You do get another chance to use these tiles again, when you all take turns in picking category tiles again, you will get the BezzerWizzer and Zwap tiles back into your hand.

I genuinely cannot recommend this game enough to anyone that enjoys a simple trivia game, its in and out quicker than TP and its certainly replayable enough as well. First time bringing this to the table we played it three times in a row.

If you do fancy picking this up, please use this link here: https://amzn.to/3NOtuit


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