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Quizzes from Lockdown to Live

What a ride this has been for the past 18 months? Quizzes have taken a MASSIVE turn from the moment lockdown began in March 2020. Firstly, everything went ZOOM based. SpeedQuizzing as you may well know introduced SpeedQuizzing Live - the web based version of SpeedQuizzing taking from pubs to online. From the moment it was released in a VERY early phase, people really took to it straight away, and it's still going strong now. It then evolved as time went on and man has it changed things SO much in relation to how we do quizzes now. SpeedQuizzing has also changed the way that the software works in venues too.

The main thing I was mostly concerned about when pubs closed was how I was going to carry on this business and keep people entertained whilst also keeping those corporate clients happy too. SpeedQuizzing Live allowed for me to do this, so much so that I didn't think I could ever feel normal going back into normal venues again. It created an awful lot of anxiety from it too, thinking about coming back to normal life.

Along the way I have made some AMAZING friends as well from people all over the UK, I'm sure they will know who they are but I simply could not have survived without their assistance, in many respects.

Now we hit July, Euro 2020 has just finished (sadly not the way we hoped) but pubs are now more than ever about to return to the way we all remember them. This is now the time to start making things feel more "at home" and when I say that, I don't even mean in your own home, I mean making the pub feel like a more welcome and safe environment and how you used to feel about the place. The sooner we can do it, the sooner we can look forward to things like Christmas and New Year.

The point of this blog post? Well, a lot has changed with me over the past 18 months and the way that I am likely to host things indefinitely, so I needed to return to this website and think about how things move on from here.

If you are local to Birmingham, make sure you come and check out those quizzes and if you aren't? I thoroughly recomm

end the online quizzes which still are showing now signs of going quiet any time soon.


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